Reverence: Portraits of Nature is an ongoing photography series. It highlights the details of the natural world, primarily from the mountains and wild that surround where I live in Colorado.
This work is a creative and spiritual practice of noticing the often overlooked. It is a practice of seeing with intention, of following intuition to discover the pieces I collect, carry with me and photograph in my studio.
In each of these pieces there is a silent story. How did they come to bear the textures and weathered marks, the hints of life and death? Ancient stones. Sun-bleached bones. Heartbeats stilled of a bird or deer, and whatever has come after — until the object lands in my hands and in front of my lens.
Reverence is the challenging work of noticing and revering the simple.
EXHIBITING REVERENCE. Photographs from Reverence are exhibiting through March 2019 at the Manitou Art Center. Solo shows are planned for galleries at City Hall (COS) in June 2019 and the City Administration Building (COS) in October 2019, and at Kreuser Gallery in April 2020.
BUY PRINTS. Art prints are available, starting at $75. Contact me to order: adam @