Hi. Thank you for your interest in this creative project of mine, Humanitou. This site is about humanness and creativity, mine and yours.

I am the creator of Humanitou. That name connects the words “human” and “Manitou,” as in Manitou Springs, Colorado, where I love to live.

The purpose of Humanitou is to connect — me, you, all who are interested — with the human stories of this amazing place … and, really, with the spirit of humanity wherever it lives. One at a time. And, over time, to build a collection of those stories, photos, videos. To collect relatable insights about the human experience and the creative thread that innately runs through it all.

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About me? You can see pieces of how I think, what I’m curious about, where I came from, and some of the interests I have throughout this site. I’d suggest you begin with “The Start of Humanitou” to learn more about why I’ve started this blog and its social media offspring: Instagram (@humanitou), Facebook (/humanitou) + Twitter (@humanitou).

To know more pieces of me, I also invite you to read “The Artist’s Way: Morning Pages” and “Getting ‘Colorado Fit’ in Manitou Springs.” And then there are these about hiking and fly fishing and creativity.

There is this profile, too, Rhonda Van Pelt wrote about me and this site: The Man Behind Humanitou (Pikes Peak Bulletin, June 22, 2017)

I’m happy to talk with you and answer questions, if you are oh-so-curious to know more about who is behind Humanitou. [We can start here: adam@humanitou.co]

Or, if you have leads of “stories of humanness and creativity” for me, send me an email me or use the contact form below.

I also welcome your joining this growing community and sharing it with those you love: subscribe to the Humanitou newsletter.

Thank you.